We have insurance for unforeseeable events, although you might think it could never happen to me, that is what insurance is for, the just in case. Think you don't need flood insurance? 25% of flood claims happen in moderate to low risk areas.

Then, just because your lender doesn't require flood insurance doesn't mean you don't need it. Only a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands in damage very quickly. The good news is if you are in a moderate to low risk area coverage is very affordable, often it's less than a dollar a day.

Don't wait to call us until flood waters are heading your way or even worse, after you have damage and it's too late. Call or fill out the form to the right today and let us show you how inexpensive this coverage and
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Insurance Tip: Homeowners Insurance
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Flood Insurance!
In 5 Minutes or Less, You Can Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Investment in Your Property Will Be Protected in Case of Flooding. Our Agency Makes Getting a Flood Policy To Protect Your Property Quick and Easy!

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“Even though my lender didn’t require flood insurance, my realtor suggested it on my new house. Thankfully Russ and his staff answered my questions and helped me find affordable coverage because my house flooded within the first 6 months of having it.  They were great to work with and helped me out during my claim.”

Clay Speer, Norman Ok